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Science Wonder Days are science-based, family fun days run by local churches. Using hands-on science experiments and crafts, joined by and professional science shows and presenters churches and communities can come together for a unique and wonderful shared experience.

We believe that experiencing the awe, the beauty and the 'Aha!' moments that comes through finding out about the universe, our world and everything in it is something that we can all share in.

Increasing the understanding of and experience of science helps to build up our communities and individuals within them.

For churches and Christian believers as well, where sometimes there can be uncertainty or hesitation around science, getting involved - very physically - in science can open up new conversations about how to deepen our appreciation for God's gift of science and the place of it within Christian thinking and theology.

Previous Science Wonder Days

Check out our previous Wonder Days. Click on the images to find out more and see some photo galleries.

Previous Wonder Days


October 22nd - Wakefield

Our Wonder Day in Wakefield was the biggest yet in terms of activities and shows! As well as our usual four Science Zones of experiments we were hosted a planetarium, a science theatre show and for the first time a Reel Physics TikTok workshop from the Institute of Physics. A busy day where we were joined by 230 visitors including the Bishop of Wakefield.

St Catherine's Church and Community Centre

Doncaster Road

Belle Vue



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Photo Gallery.

2022-07-23 09.51.30.JPG

July 23rd - Stalybridge

Over 275 people joined us for our second Wonder Day at Holy Trinity Stalybridge.

We had four Science Zones at this event. Green and Light Zones returning from 2019 with some tweaks and new activities, the new Bubble Zone from God and the Big Bang (thanks Chris Stafford!) and our own all new Astronomy Zone. We also hosted a Planetarium and Science Show.

Holy Trinity Stalybridge

Corporation Street


SK15 2JS

More information here.

Photo Gallery.


May 2022 - Blackpool

Held at St Thomas' Church on the 28th May 2022 we welcomed more than 225 visitors to our Wonder Day in Blackpool, including the Archbishop of York!

We had four Science Zones (Energy, DNA, Light and Wind) as well as hosting a Planetarium and a science theatre show.

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Photo Gallery


August 2019 - Stalybridge

This was our first event, held on 3rd August 2019. Over 400 people of all ages came to the event, including our local MP. The day featured four Science Zones (Wind, Green, Light and Life), a planetarium and a Lego Mindstorms Robot workshop.

The event received a Commendation award in the 2020 Making a Difference Awards from the University of Manchester.

The success of the day was instrumental in winning a grant from the Scientists in Congregations program to set up Believing Science to drive through the next batch of Wonder Days and associated events during 2022.

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