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Science Wonder Days are science-based, family fun days run by local churches. Using hands-on science experiments and crafts, joined by and professional science shows and presenters churches and communities can come together for a unique and wonderful shared experience.

We believe that experiencing the awe, the beauty and the 'Aha!' moments that comes through finding out about the universe, our world and everything in it is something that we can all share in.

Increasing the understanding of and experience of science helps to build up our communities and individuals within them.

For churches and Christian believers as well, where sometimes there can be uncertainty or hesitation around science, getting involved - very physically - in science can open up new conversations about how to deepen our appreciation for God's gift of science and the place of it within Christian thinking and theology.

Previous Science Wonder Days

Check out our previous Wonder Days. Click on the images to find out more and see some photo galleries.

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