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Can science help your local community to thrive?

How can a Christian respond to new discoveries?

Can science deepen our love for God?

Can science lead others to faith?

We can help you, your church and community to explore these questions and more!

Our aim is to help others explore the world and universe around them through science. We want to do this at a local community level, especially in geographic areas that don't usually have access to such events. We believe that science is not just about facts and figures, but should be experienced and told through story as well.

We host our events in Churches as not only are these already physically embedded in their communities, but  they also act as existing trusted hubs within those communities.

Furthermore we believe there is no inherent conflict between science and religious faith and wish to model this to those inside and outside the Church in a very practical way. The 'conflict' way of looking at science and religion has caused much harm to both science and those of religious faith. It forces a false and unnecessary choice to be made between science and religion, while narrowing the vision and opportunities of both.


As Christian believers ourselves we stand against this and see science as a societal good to be promoted and enthusiastically engaged with by a Church that can comfortably view science as exploring all the works and wonders that God has bought into existence.

Whether your organisation is Christian or not we want to work with you to help your community to explore the amazing world of science. If you think we might be able to help you, please contact us to start a discussion.




Dr Gavin Merrifield



Gavin is the Director of Believing Science. He was a research scientist for many years and in that time developed a passion for science public engagement, especially for both Church-based audiences and those from under-represented groups.


He is a regular speaker on science and faith issues on radio and podcasts. He is also the General Secretary of Christians in Science and a Visiting Lecturer at Nazarene Theological College, Manchester where he teaches an undergraduate course in science and theology.

Listen to Gavin speaking about all things science, faith and his vision for the two working together in this recent podcast.

Funding for our events comes from either churches and individuals involved or from grants.


In 2021-2022 we had a major grant provided to us through the Scientists in Congregations scheme of the Equipping Christian Leadership in an Age of Science project (ECLAS) which allowed us to host several Wonder Days in quick succession, helping us to mature this strand of our work.

If you would like to contribute financially to our work please get in touch.

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