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CAKE is the network for UK-based science-Christianity public engagement people and organisations.
CAKE is organised by Christians in Science to bring these together for fellowship, encouragement and mutual practical support. Each group listed below has their own speciality and flavour, but we work together with the aim to provide the Church with excellent quality resources around science to aid discipleship and mission. We meet regularly online for fellowship and support. Cake related chat and eating is not
always necessary, but encouraged.

If you would like to join the network please get in touch.


Believing Science

Believing Science has a focus on both Church and community  work and seeks to use science to bring the two together.

We provide hands-on science experiences and access to science shows for communities not typically reached by them, especially through our Science Wonder Days programme. We also provide science based teaching and event support for churches.


The Faith Experiment

The Faith Experiment runs interactive family-friendly programmes of up to 7 sessions, around science and Christian belief, breaking down misconceptions and encouraging curiosity. The programme is run by Matt and Davinder Gardner, who are registered clinical scientists working in the NHS.


Faraday Kids, Teens and Education

The Faraday Institute works to equip and inspire children, young people and their influencers to engage with big questions of science and faith.

We encourage and support exploration of these questions through printed and digital resources, interactive sessions and training for speakers, teachers, church workers and other influencers.

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Christians in Science

A network and fellowship for Christians either involved in the sciences themselves or  just interested in science and Christian life. CiS Members include scientists, engineers, teachers, historians and theologians amongst others. CiS hosts conferences, local events across the country and publishes  the academic, peer-reviewed, journal Science and Christian Belief.


The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion

The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion is a Cambridge-based interdisciplinary research institute improving public understanding of religious beliefs in relation to the sciences.


God and the Big Bang

 God and the Big Bang provides Interactive workshop days with students aged 5-18, providing the opportunity to discover, discuss and debate the compatibility of science and faith.


Equipping Christian Leadership in an Age of Science

Working with partners around the world ECLAS works to equip senior Christian leaders with the tools, context and skills they need to engage confidently with science in their ministry and their personal faith. We host conferences for senior leaders and give grants to congregations and seminaries to run science projects and programmes.


Faraday Churches

Faraday Churches works with UK-based churches, equipping and encouraging them to include engagement with science as part of their regular ministry and mission.


Now There's a Thought

A podcast host, a pastor and a guest walk into a bar… and invite you to join them! In each episode, this podcast takes on a big question and try to find the funny side – and try to understand the topic just a little bit better, too. Join the conversation!


Science, Religion and Technology Project

The Church of Scotland's SRT project has a long history of examining emerging ethical and technological issues and their impact on society.

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