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We often think that science is only done by professional scientists, but actually science has only been a profession for about 200 years!

Before this what we would now call science was done by people skilled in many different things. From priests to farmers to artists, much of it was done by people who just had a bit of time but most importantly a big sense of curiosity about the world.

Even today a lot of science still relies on non-professionals donating their time, skills and abilities to find out more, assisting the professional scientist in their work.

We will be adding more ideas and projects to this page to help you get involved with real scientific research where your efforts can make a real difference. Science should be for everyone to enjoy and contribute to and these projects are a great way to get stuck into it.




The Zooniverse


Seasonal Counts

The Zooniverse is home to many online, computer-based Citizen Science projects. They cover a wide range of types of science from space, to physics to medicine and biology.

Check it out here - 

At our recent Wonder Days you may have had a go at two projects - 

Galaxy Zoo and Backyard Worlds: Planet 9.

Many organisations ask for the publics help at different times of the year to go outside and count what they see.

Take a look at some of these projects below.

Big Butterfly Count

CPRE run an annual star count to help track light pollution across the UK. Take a look here.


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